Wednesday, 17 November 2010

So Mr osbourne how do we afford a irish bailout ?

We are and have repatably been told this country is on its knees, we have a the biggest deficit in the EU, we are just like Greece we must act now to avoid financial melt down.

ALl things we were told and have been told to us by the tories since before the general election.

Well then how can George Osbourne claim today we will be there to help bail out Ireland ? if our finances are in such a mess isnt this plain irresponsible of him ?

Have we not got a mess of our own to sort out, or to make worse depending which side of the political fence you sit. I myself feel we are heading down the same route as irealnd by cutting too fast and too deep.

But my question is to you all how can George Osbourne and those financially estute tories say we will be able to bail outIreland, yes they are our neighbours but if we really are broke like the tories like to make out surely we cannot afford this ?

or unless we have been sold a huge set of lies that our finances were no where near as bad as the tories led us to believe ?

where is this money coming from to help out ireland ay ?

I'm not trying to suggest our finances werent in a mess of course we could have done with scaling back a few things, notably bankers bonus's for one example but huge scale public sector cuts more than ever seems very idealogical to me. I feel it is the tories seeing a golden chance to rip into the welfare state which they ahve never liked and take apart the public sector. All in the name of selling off these services to their private sector friends to make loads of money out of.

Really worrying i feel...

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